Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Machine Quilting Today!

Hey everyone!

I've been machine quilting the past few days and since a few people have asked to see my machine quilting area, while I am quilting, I thought that I would share that with you today.  From the next picture you are seeing the back of my 9" harp machine with the quilt covering where my piecing machine is.  You can see it just sunk down on the bottom right of the picture.  I sink the machine using the air lift we installed.

Want to see more pictures of my sewing area without the quilt?  You can find them here in a previous post.  I show basically how we constructed the table and some links!

This is the other side of my sewing area.  See the additional space on the left and how I put the bulk of the quilt on the left and behind the machine?  This makes a huge difference on maneuvering the quilt without it hurting my back and shoulders.  I try to never have any of the quilt on my body; but rather, have the whole of the quilt supported by the table.

I love my sewing area and how there is shared space between the machines that can be used easily.  
What do you think?  Does it make more sense now that you see a quilt on it?

Any questions feel free to ask them here!

Happy Quilting!


Fiona41254 said...

you need a longarm girl! i had my husbam
nd build me a room for mine when we built our current house cause i knew i was going to buy one. i've had my apqs ultima II for about 6 years now. i only quilt for me and a few close friends. i really do love it. it actually takes me longer to load the quilt than to quilt it sometimes..

Katrina said...

Hi Fiona - I have thought long and hard about a long arm or a mid-arm and I have decided against it for now for one main reason - most of the work I do is really detailed with very small movements that will take a long time to be able to replicate on a long arm. For now I am extremely happy with my set-up and find that I can do fine detail work and over-all patterns without a problem. I also love quilting table-top. So, for now, this is me! Thanks so much for commenting! BTW Fiona you are a no-reply blooger :-D

SewCalGal said...

Lovely quilt Katrina. And I like how you have your sewing table setup.


susan said...

That looks like a really well thought out set up. I get shoulder aches when I machine quilt on my machines and it is likely caused because I have not sunk my machines yet. For me though I would like to keep it like it is because I love to look out into the yard. I am lucky as my girlfriend has a Handi-quilter and I can go to her house and use it. I didn't notice any pins Katrina? That quilt is so pretty.