Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Preemie Quilts!

Hi everyone!
I know that I haven't posted in a while but we had a hard drive melt-down last week. Blah....

Today my youngest son and I dropped off some preemie quilts at our local hospital. This is such a great project to get involoved in. Our local hospital wants them to be 24" x 24" so that they fit into the incubators well. You can do anything that you want with them and it is a great way to use up your scraps from other baby quilts. Sorry this is such a bad picture but these are the preemie quilts that I did and sent in. Unfortunately since the quilts are now out of the house I can't take another picture.
The next picture is my son Gavin, at the nursery, showing the preemie quilt that he and I made together. Gavin made a very short stay at this NICU after he was born and the quilts make such a huge difference to the parents and to the feel of the nursery. When we went to drop off the quilts he was so disappointed that he didn't get to actually give a baby the quilt so the nurses made an exception for him and brought out a little baby for him to give the quilt to. Wasn't that nice?! He was sooo happy about that. He picked out all the fabrics and we sewed them together and we even quilted it together. He specifically picked out the Harry Potter fabrics :)


Anonymous said...

beeing a mother of a premature born son I thank you from all of my heart for trying to help out - you can not imagine how tough it can be to stay in the hospital for a loooong time, I lived two months with my son.
God bless you
Agneta in Uppsala, SWEDEN

mcnabbraeside said...


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