Sunday, May 14, 2006

embroidery fire masks

Happy Mother's Day!

These are some cool fire masks that I embroidered for my boys. This is a free design from Thredworks that you can download. There are instructions on the site as well for how to make it out of felt and cut away. It was really easy. If I ever go to Mardi Gras again in my life I might just have to make a green, purple and yellow one :) I added two pieces of cord into the design and let the machine stitch over it so that I wouldn't have to attatch the cord later. I used toggles on the ends so that we wouldn't have to keep retying the cords. The first mask (right) I just draped the cord across the whole hooping but you can see it at the nose area. The second mask I only put it on the ends and I think that it is much nicer. What do you think.

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