Thursday, May 17, 2007

My New Project

Hi all;
I can finally post a picture of this project for you all. This is a picture of the project that my friend Sandy and I have been working on together. It is from Jenny Haskin's magazine and is a project using her "Roses For Mary" embroidery card.

My project is on the right and Sandy's is on the left. I really like both of the projects and think that they are both wonderful.

I'll post a better picture when I finish the machine quilting on it.

I had a comment about my friend Sandy and I and our projects together. Sandy and I are really good friends and we sew together quite a bit. We get together on Mondays at about 10:30 am to work on a project together. She lives about 15-20 minutes away from me in a small neighboring town. We meet at my house and we sew until about 3:00 pm. We are going to be starting a new project on Monday, a small one this time, then take the summer off. Sandy brings all her stuff to my house and I make a nice lunch for us to thank her. We are having a great time learning what out Pfaff sewing and embroidery machines can do and making beautiful projects. Thank you for your comment :)

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Anonymous said...

You mention your friend, Sandy, quite often. It must be nice to have someone that loves doing all these things too. How often do you get together and sew? Do you rotate houses or do you have a place that you meet? How does that work with toting machines and supplies etc? Do you both live in the same city or town or are you out in the country? Do you have to travel a long way and plan a whole day to sew? It just sounds way too fun!