Friday, June 15, 2007

Bella Fiori Table Runner

Hi all;
I am trying to be a better blogger :) Here is another project that my friend Sandy and I did together. We didn't want to take the whole summer off so we decided to do this Bella Fiori table runner together. It is from Creative Expressions Magazine, issue #11, and the embroideries are by Jenny Haskins. We could only see part of the table runner in the picture so we made our best guess to the rest of it. It is a really neat project with the way that the diagonal lines are done, with a 6 mm twin needle and the serpentine stitch on my Pfaff, first then the embroideries are laid down.

Here is a picture of the table runner from a bit more of a distance. We rounded the edges (you can see that a bit). The quilting is done after the backing is on but only in some of the squares. This makes the table runner lay really flat and adds a lot of interest I find.

I'll post a picture of my finished rose bouquet wall hanging once I get the binding turned to the back.

What do you think :)


Pam said...

It is a very pretty table runner. Quite elegant looking! You have done a lovely job on it.

Simonetta said...

Bella fiori it is a very beautiful table runner :)))

Susan said...

Beautiful table runner! Is that machine embroidery or hand?

Katrina said...

Hi Susan;
It is machine embroidery :) I can't hand embroider even close to that nice. :)

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