Sunday, July 08, 2007

Smiles For Children

Hi all!
I have been working on getting a box of embroidered items ready to ship out to the Smiles For Children Project. People from around the world send items in to a wonderful woman who bags them up and ships them to places around the world where the children have very little. I've been working with this project for a couple of years now and just love it. We make tic-tac-toe boards, finger puppets, paper dolls, pencil toppers and sucker covers and much more :) If you have an embroidery machine and would like to volunteer, or would just like more information, you can check out the link on the right or here. You can also see one of my previous shipments here. I did more sucker covers and pencil toppers this time and I am running my x's and o's right now. I think that the kids will like them? What do you think?

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Sipiweske Quilts said...

What a wonderful project! I don't have an embroidery machine but I must say that your work looks wonderful - I think children anywhere love paper dolls - and I think yours look nice and big for little fingers. Plus I really like your "challenge" quilt -- it has great color and movement. Have a wonderful day and I hope to check back with you often - we're Canadian after all! - Marlene