Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rug hooking mug mats

Hi all!
I hope that everyone is well in blogging land!

These are some rug hooked mug mats that I just finished. I drew the patterns on some burlap and hooked them with some left-over pre-cut strips. They were really fast to hook up and did actually use up some scraps. Then I steamed them and glued some cork-board to the back of them. I didn't whip the edges or anything I just turned them to the back. Whipping the edges seemed like too much work for these little coasters :) Maybe I'm just lazy!?? Anyways, on to the next project!!
I got this older rug hooking pattern from a fiber show a few weeks ago. It is an older Rittermere pattern and still had the original tag on it. I'm not sure if you can really see it but I am going to do the sun flowers in yellow, the star in orange, the background in blues and I'm not really sure about the boarder. What do you all think? I think maybe that the first boarder would look good red and the second black; but, my husband says no! Maybe a dark green would be nice actually HMMMMM! Too many decisions sometimes :)

Sorry about another rug hooking post but I do love doing it!

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julieQ said...

How beautiful is that pattern!! And the beautiful colors you have decided on will really bring it to life, don't you think?