Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Finished UFO

I finished another UFO today! Label, hanging sleeve and binding all are finished! I think that this is about #24 but I have lost count now.

My original plan for this was to make a whole bunch of these blocks and make an under-water sweatshirt jacket. The blues in this quilt ended up looking more like ice and less like water though so these 12 blocks sat in a bag in my UFO area for a couple years. I pulled them out a while ago and realized that the reason that I had never finished the jacket is because the blues were just completely wrong for me and what I wanted.

So I decided that maybe I could make a baby quilt from these blocks. So I put the quilt together and spray basted a blue flannel on to the back. Then it sat there for another couple weeks. Then I realized that this really wasn't a baby quilt LOL! So I replaced the backing with a blue batik fabric that I had in my stash and quilted it free-form with a variegated blue thread top and bobbin.

Now that it is quilted I actually really like it! I was never all that in love with this quilt; but, now I think that it is pretty cool. I am extremely pleased with the effect that the quilting has on this quilt and I had a really fun time quilting it. Sometimes UFO's can surprise you and this time this one really did :)

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dulcy said...

Love it! Isn't interesting that after we put something down for awhile that's not working, then later pick it up again, it turns into something wonderful?!