Monday, October 19, 2009

New Rug Started!

Well after I finally finished my Halloween rug I thought that I should get going and start another one. Inspiration can strike in the oddest places I must say! I bought some Yoplait yogurt tubes for my kids and they had these ones with aliens on on them. I looked at the alien on one of them and thought that it would make an excellent Halloween stair riser rug! I would like to hook a set of stair risers for everyday; but, also a smaller set (for my first six or so stairs that come before the turn in my stair case) of Halloween stair risers and also Christmas stair risers. So I drew a 5" x 25" rectangle on some old dot-matrix printer paper and filled it with a drawing of the alien from the tube. Then I transferred it to burlap and started to hook it last night. I'm using the same green that I used on my halloween rug. So far so good! There is another type of alien on the other tubes but he's much less likely to be a child in a Halloween costume, unlike this one, so, I'm not going to hook that one.

It truly is amazing where we can find hooking, or applique, patterns if we keep our eyes open and look for them :D

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Gayle said...

Fun design! I just finished MY stair rugs - will get them posted soon, if you'd like to come by and look.