Monday, November 09, 2009

Halloween Stair Riser/Kick is Finished!

I finished my first Halloween Stair Kick a few days after Halloween - but - at least it will be ready for next Halloween. I figure if I do one of these a year, or two, then before I know it I will have about 6 to go up the stairs before the turn in my stair case. I whipped the edge of this with a variegated wool yarn and I love the way that it gives some action to the edge. Kind of like an alien tractor beam beaming the little guy back up to the ship LOL!

Next I am going to start on some Christmas ones I think. These are really nice little projects at just 5" x 25" and work up fast and easily! I was thinking maybe some holly leaves, or Christmas ornaments, or a row of lights, a candy cane etc. All nice simple ideas that would translate well into this size. I think for the stair risers the KISS principle should be in full force! The simpler the better for sure.

As for some everyday risers I was either thinking birds or fish. I am really leaning towards fish to be honest. I love fish!! And you could do something really neat where the bottom riser is the ocean floor and have it slowly work up with common plants in the sides etc. And feature a different type of fish in each one. Then at the very top I could do some birds flying around on top of the water. My husband is a bird-watcher and I love fish so this might be a nice little concession for him :D

Any thoughts?

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dulcy said...

Fish sound perfect! I love fish also, and have yet to do a fishy rug...but have had it on my mind. I must say that your haunted house rug is the best!

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