Monday, October 18, 2010

Tumbler Quilt

Hey all!
I've been teaching a lot and working on hand-outs lately so not a lot to post.

 But, I have been working on a tumbler quilt from a couple of big block kits I had sitting in my stash for several years ;)  I decided to pre-wash these brushed cottons since I wasn't using them for a rag-quilt.  I find that brushed cottons tend to shrink a lot so I usually pre-wash them.  Pressing these fabrics after they came out of the dryer took a loooong time!  Not a job I enjoy very much I can tell you that!  Look at all those threads hanging off the sides!  Yuck!  The plaid in the back is what I will use for my binding.  I'll cut it on the bias since I really prefer plaid bindings cut on the bias instead of a cross-grain cut.  It makes the plaid look really pretty!
I cut the quilt blocks using my Accuquilt Go! tumbler die and I can say Wow!  What an easy way to cut a fussy block!!  The dog-ears have been cut off at exact angles so that the blocks line up perfectly every time.  Some people have trouble with this but I can honestly say that when I took the time to really line up the tumblers they came out perfectly ~ when I didn't take the time ~ they didn't!  And, I tend to sew at a scant 1/4" seam ~ the seam-allowances included in the dies are a full 1/4" not a scant one so I had to watch that I was sewing the blocks together properly.  So the issues that I did encounter were actually user error and not the fault of the Accuquilt Go!

I randomly started sewing blocks together and started running into some issues of colours linking up etc so now I decided to lay out the blocks and plan it out a bit.  Some of these tumblers are sewn together and some are not.  I thought that I would snap a picture of the tumblers at this stage so you could see what i was talking about ;)  So far so good.  I can't decide if I should leave the edges all uneven like that or square them off.  When it comes time to do the binding I'm pretty sure that the thought of all of those mitres will make me square off the sides ~ but I will decide that after the quilting is finished I think!  I'll keep you updated on this one to let you know what I think about sewing the rows together.  So far I am in love with my Go!  I think that it was a good investment for me right now ;)  I can really see how the dies could become a serious addiction!

At the very least I took a whole bunch of fabric from my stash ~ that had been sitting there for years ~ and am making it into  a nice throw quilt!  I liked these brushed cottons when I bought them but I just really didn't want to do another rag quilt and do all that snipping :-P

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Happy sewing all!

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SewCalGal said...

Love your tumbler. Colors are beautiful. This is going to be a wonderful quilt.


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