Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Charm Quilt on the Bee Frame!

This beautiful quilt was put on my quilting bees frame several weeks ago but I thought that I would share a picture of it with you all!  You can't see the boarder on the quilt but it is a solid navy blue and it looks wonderful!  Each of the triangles are a different fabric and Joan said that she is pretty sure there is over 800 different fabrics in this quilt.  Some are vintage fabrics which look wonderful in the quilt.  We are quilting hatching in the navy boarder and a 1/4" inside each of the triangles.  This quilt will be on the frame for a while - but - you can never go wrong with lots of hand quilting in my honest opinion.  There's something about charm quilts - where pieces were harvested from your friends' stashes that seem so special and heirloom to me.  Maybe it's the sharing, but, maybe it is the making do with each of the fabrics as well.  I think sometimes I get too hung-up with finding just the perfect fabric and forget that in the end the quilt is to be used and loved.  This quilt is just so striking and lovely to me and it really reminds me to loosen up sometimes!

Happy Quilting all!

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