Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Raggy Project Bag!

Yeehaw a new project bag is finished!  I made a raggy project bag several years ago that has seen A LOT of use so when I got some new rag dies for my Accuquilt Go! I decided to test them out!  Aren't those rag appliques so cute?!  I just love them.  This is the front of the bag and it is large enough to carry your rotary cutting mat to class.  My last bag was a little bit smaller than this and I frequently wished it was a bit bigger so when I was re-designing the bag I decided to do just that.  

I also used the rectangular die to make the bag gusseted instead of flat.  I frequently wish my original bag could hold more and the rectangular die was just the perfect width for the bag.

Here's the back of the bag and if you can enlarge the photo you can see the purposes for those pockets!  The long pocket holds my 6" x 24" ruler and the other pockets hold other rulers, notions and my rotary cutter.  These really allow me to be organized with my tools for classes.    Aren't they cute?
See the fringe along the outside of the back?  I also figured out how to cut that with my Go! rag dies - so no hand fringing!  Yey!  I am working on a video for this though so the tutorial will be video format instead of written here - so stayed tuned for that one!

I hope you like my bag!  Any comments or questions please feel free to leave them here since I love to hear your thoughts!

Happy Quilting!


Jessica said...

I love your bag! SO unique -great job. If I had an Accuquilt Go! I would definitely do it :) Maybe I'll try the traditional way - by altering the tutorial you post.

susan said...

Your bag is sweet. I was trying to figure out a new bag in my head and the one thought I had is to install a pocket on the bottom of the bag so I could slide in my 6 by 24 ruller and have a velcor tab to keepit from sliding out. This would give the bag a wide bottom to hold cutting mat, fabric for class and inside pockets for some of the tools. Outside pockets for my water bottle, cell phone and maybe a snack.Like I said, it is still in my head!

Gene Black said...

Looks great! I almost said "purse" when you asked if we could guess.. Okay so not a purse, but it is a bag!

Marjorie said...

Absolutely love this bag, especially those cute little appliques.

Chatterbox Quilts said...

Nice, Katrina! Love the "out of the box" use of the GO! dies. I'm also trying different things with them too. Looking forward to the video.