Friday, November 18, 2011

Another Finish and Another Start

Isn't he cute??!!!
Mr Iggy is finished!


This is a free pattern that was an insert in Rug Hooking Magazine that I just fell in love with! It is a pattern by Star Rug Company.  She has a way with whimsical designs like this and she loves Halloween as much as I do!  I know that this is another Halloween finish after Halloween but hey - it is finished!

After I finished this rug I decided that I would start another one.  I thought that it might be fun to hook a larger rug that is intended for the floor in my bedroom.

This is a pattern by Gene Shepherd called Pickering Oak and I just love it!  This will be about 26" x 38" when completed so this will be the largest rug that I have hooked.  I am going to hook it in a #8 cut (or 8/32 of an inch wide cuts) and I am going to die my own wool for it.  I am very excited to take this on and push myself a bit more.   In the picture you can see that I have transferred the pattern onto the tracing fabric so that it is ready to transfer onto the linen I'll be using as a backing.  The picture of the backing didn't work out very well so this one will have to do!  The little yellow circles are pattern weights by Olfa that I got in a prize basket and I use them a lot for rug hooking since they have little pointed feet that really stick to the backings.

Have you started anything new lately?  Or, picked up an old project?


Mrs.Pickles said...

great rug Iggy is so cute.

Anna said...

you are really tempting me to begin rug hooking...lucky for me I don't have a clue how to begin! lol