Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Latest Rag Quilt!

I just finished this the other night but I had to wait for good weather to photograph this.  This is my latest rag quilt and I just love it!  I've had these flannel-tiks in my stash for YEARS now and I was so happy to turn them into something so cuddly!  This quilt has already been claimed by my youngest son he slept with it last night.


This quilt was all cut with my Accuquilt Go! 8.5" rag die so the fringe is cut before you even piece it together - yey!!  I love this die - it is one of the reasons I bought the Go!  Some people tell me that they don't like rag quilts - and frankly - I just don't get that.  Here in Canada we can have some fairly cold winters and there is nothing better than a rag quilt to snuggle with.  This one is very warm since I used 6.5" squares of batting in the middle instead of an extra layer of flannel.  I love the heaviness of it.  So cuddly.

I did something a little bit different in this quilt.  I free-motion quilted it in a meander pattern.  Why?  Well, two reasons.  One, I am tired of the X!  Two, sometimes the batting will sag in the middle of the blocks if you don't catch it into the fringe so by doing a meander the batting will stay put.  Plus, if you are new to free-motion quilting these are excellent little squares to practice on!!  Flannel is so forgiving and helps hide uneven stitches ;-)


Isn't the back cool??
This was my husband's suggestion.  I was going to do a very geometric trip around the world sort of pattern; but, he suggested a gradient and I LOVE it!  I love how the red/orange is slowly progressing into the green.  It's like a fire spreading.  Now go back and look at the first picture again and you can see how the reds and oranges come through to the front.  I really like the effect.

All these fabrics were in my stash for so many years it is just so good to see them turn into something.  All the batting squares were left-overs off the sides of projects and when I was finished I didn't have any batting left in the house!  Rag quilts have to be my favorite use for batting left-overs.

Now where did that rag quilt go?  Oh there it is - my son came home from school and snapped it up!


Theresa said...

Looks gorgeous - I have Ruby rag squares all cut out ready to go...just need to cut out the batting. I like the idea of fmqing instead of doing the X.

Jan Maree said...

I think it looks gorgeous - love tha back and like the idea of the meander quilting. I think the only way I would make another rag quilt is with the GO! die. might have to invest in one as I already have to GO!

Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful. I love the rag die. I am making my son one right now using homespun, but I must try the next one I make with the flannel and the meandering quilting. As I was making the Xs I thought also there are so many pretty stitches on our sewing machines that something else would enhance the block, too. Thanks for your wonderful ideas.

Anonymous said...

Nice quilt and back.

I got my Go and this die after I'd completed a Queen size rag quilt for hire. I've only cut one square so far, but can tell when I get my next order, it will be so much quicker.

Jen Manuell said...

Love the colour combination you used -- all of those greens, greys, purples and golds.....YUMMY! :-D

barbara woods said...

i love you rag quilt must put it on my list

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