Monday, May 07, 2012

Quilting Update

Sometimes the best thing to do when you're having trouble doing something is to just admit that you're having trouble with it!
I had so much trouble deciding how to quilt that quilt top and I let it sit there since January.  Too sad.  I just didn't know what to do so I let it sit.  I think that my problem was that everything that I thought to do would suit a different fabrics - they would not suit these orientals in this pattern.
This was a mystery quilt so I had no idea what pattern we were doing, and, if I could do this quilt over I would choose different fabrics.  Although I like the quilt, I would do it differently next time.  I really like the pattern but I think that I would go with some bold colours next time.

I finally decided that I was going to decide and so I did!  I decided to do a sort of oriental wave and cloud all-over design.   Done!

I used two different threads on this one.  I used a YLI 40 weight variegated thread top and bobbin in the body and borders and a 40 weight rayon thread in the first border and corners. 

All's well that end well - it's quilted!!!  Thanks for all the suggestions!


paulette said...

Yahoo...and it looks wonderful!! Job well done! Now put up your feet...and snuggle under a beautifully quilted quilt!!

susan said...

looks like water, good idea. I have an oriental quilt that was just done with a water pattern and it totally suits it. I made a second one for my daughter and had an all over pattern done with gold thread that is so striking I almost couldn't give it to her! Great job. Did you use two different colours of thread?

gale said...

It looks great! Looks like the perfect choice for quilting.

Anna said...

love it...but hindsight can drive you bonkers!

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