Monday, May 13, 2013

Review of the Accuquilt Go! Cutter With Smoother Rolling!

Hi all!

Look at what I got in the mail to play with!

Yep!  This is the new version of the Accuquilt Go! die cutter with smoother rolling action.  Notice the different box with Alex and Ricki on the front?  When I was offered the chance to review this cutter I jumped at the chance as I frequently get asked if the newer version of the cutter is better.  Of course I was skeptical but I was looking forward to trying it out.

As you know I have been a Go! user for a few years now so when I opened up my machine and put a few layers of fabric on the die and ran it through let me just say that my jaw was on the floor!  They really HAVE IMPROVED the rolling action.  Not just a little bit improved but a lot improved. 

I didn't have to hold the cutter down with my other hand while I ran the die through.  I just turned the handle.  I never had to put muscle behind the cutting.  This is a big improvement!

If I can be honest it is as easy to turn as the Sizzix machines now.  Not as easy as the Studio - they still have the market there - but - just as easily as Sizzix.  The rolling action was always the biggest complaint about the Go! and that complaint is gone now.  The cutter is still the same folding up machine that is easy to store but they have changed it so that the rolling action is smoother and more stable.

Thumbs up from me!

If you still have the original Go! this improvement in no way makes yours obsolete it is still the cutter that you know and love!  Don't worry - it's just nice when a company works to improve their products.  Yey!

Do any of you have the new Go!?


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

No!!! I have the it though

VickiT said...
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VickiT said...

That's great to hear they are easier to use. I wish now my husband would have waited to buy me one a few years ago as a surprise. I have a horrible time using mine because I had a total of five hand surgeries since he surprised me with my Go! I had a very hard time turing it before the surgeries and now it's much worse to the point I haven't used it sadly because it hurts to turn the handle.

I would love to see them offer a trade in of some kind for those who have the original Go, especially for those like me that can barely use theirs because of the pain it causes and also from the lack of strength after a surgery.

I'm happy to read your review that it's been very much improved. I'm sure it really helps you too Katrina. Awesome. Improving the rollers should help them get more sales too I'm sure.

(sorry for the delted first comment/called you the wrong name..oops)

beaquilter said...

well what are we supposed to do with the old one now? bummer!!

Material Girl said...

Oh darn... why do they always come out with something better... after we already purchased ours! I have hardly used mine because I have shoulder problems and I find the GO so hard to use, I only do 2 layers of fabric at a time, and it's still hard to turn.. might have to consider selling mine and buying one of the newer ones.

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