Monday, June 03, 2013

Rug Hooking - Pickering Oak

Hi all!

I hope that you have been enjoying the nicer weather - even the humidity is welcome ;-)

Yesterday I decided to just relax and do some more rug hooking and make some more progress on my Pickering Oak rug.  Pickering Oak is a pattern on Gene Shepherd's web site.   I just love the colours he used. 

This rug is destined for our bedroom and I can't wait for it to be finished so I can stand on it every morning!  I already stood on the small part that is done just to test it and - you know what - it works LOL!

I know it looks a bit odd right now but that's because I haven't hooked the leaves yet - and I know that's not correct - but here's my confession - I have to dye the leaf wool still!  Yikes


Here it is - that natural un-dyed wool just staring at me waiting for me to step up and dye it.  But I am a bit nervous about it to be honest.  It is a new technique for me - spot dying or as Gene calls it ordered wool pancake dying or something close to that.  I've watched his video on it several times but I am just a bit nervous about it.  I know I know!  Just get to it and I can over-dye if necessary LOL!

Maybe I will put the wool in to soak tonight and just get on with it tomorrow.  I really want to start hooking those leaves!


Lesley said...

This is a beautiful rug in progress! Looking forward to seeing the finish!

Jo C. said...

Lovely! Off the subject but i'm i'mmworking on the Christmas Quilt Along today. Mine isn't Christmas, its all scrappy. Your instructions are great, i'm loving the way its turning out. Thanks!