Monday, January 12, 2015

Smart Phone Stands

Hi all!

Sorry I know that it has been a while!  What have I been doing?  Well, the holidays happened but I also got quite sick with this flu that seems to be taking everyone down.  I'm still down to be honest but hopefully starting to mend a bit.

One cool thing I did come across, and wanted to share, was this new die from AccuCut.  It is the Creatables Smart Phone Stand and I think they are the cutest little things!  When they were having a 50% off sale I grabbed one.

I did purchase a pack of the plastic sheets to use but the woman on the phone told me to save my plastic lids - like the type on yogurt.  I thought that this was a great tip!  Cut off the edges and run it through the machine.

It makes some cuts and makes some creases.  Fold on the lines and Voila!

Super cute little phone stands!

They are very sturdy too!  These would be good for a classroom setting, of course, but they are also great for an office setting.  We love ours for around the house for watching Netflix on our phones or iPods.  I also have a few substitute teachers that take my fitness classes and they are constantly checking their phones to see if they have a class the next day.  I made up a bunch of these so they could prop them up in class!

Was this die a wee bit of an indulgent purchase - yes!  But, I am ok with that!  What do you think?  Any other uses?  Ad hock business card holder?

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