Monday, December 12, 2016

Charity Quilts

 Hi all!

It is snowy and cold here today!  If you are experiencing snow where you are I hope that you are warm and safe :-)

I received a couple quilt tops from our local chapter of Victoria's Quilts to machine quilt.  I like to give back so this was a pleasure for me.  I loaded them together and machine quilted them using my Loricles grooved boards.  It's like doing a panto-graph only much easier.


 I used the Swirls board and a variegated YLI cotton thread called Egyptian Sands in 40wt.  I love this thread!  I have used almost an entire cone of this now since it seems to go across just about everything beautifully!


Here's a close-up of the design.  This pattern seems to work with just about everything as an edge to edge design.

I always like doing charity work; but, I have to confess - I am SO happy that these two quilts are done and out of the closet!!!  Now onto hand turning the binding on the quilt for my Mom and I get to load something for me onto the frame!!  Yey!  I was going to load a different quilt but - my thread hasn't come in the mail yet :'-(   Oh well - there are more quilts in the closet and I wanted to piece the backings for the next two quilts to go on the frame anyways!

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Kathy S. said...

Oh how I love and depend on my Circle Lord Giant Boards! The pattern on your quilt is gorgeous too! Gives me a new idea on how to use my Accuquilt wedge die. Have a great holiday. Glad your charity quilts are quilted (for now). More will come. :)