Saturday, February 25, 2017

Update! And a Baby Give-Away

Hello all!

I hope that everyone is well and enjoying this mid-winter thaw where we are!  I figured that today was the perfect day to blog about what I have been up to.

As most of you know I really enjoy making baby quilts and baby things - I love the fabrics and the colours - they are fun and cheerful; and, so rewarding in their utility.

I was fortunate enough to teach a round of Mommy and Me fitness classes where the babies were in carriers and the Moms danced and worked out with their babies.  Some of the Mom's started coming with "Suck Pads" on the straps of their carriers so that when the babies chewed, drools and sucked on the carrier straps the straps didn't get moldy and just plain yucky!  Well I decided to dig into my, very sizable, baby stash and make some of these Suck Pads to offer for sale to my Moms - they loved them!!

I backed them in a nice flannel with cotton batting in the middle, used ribbons to attach toys etc and used KAM snaps instead of Velcro to do them up.  I love KAM snaps!  

The Moms loved them so much that they started asking me to make Pacifier / toy straps.  Again I used KAM snaps and KAM plastic clips.

Then I got the idea to make beautiful bibs.  Well let's just say I took on the challenge of making a bib that was both functional and beautiful and well made.  It had to have a side neck snap for ease of putting on the bib and a secure KAM snap instead of Velcro, which the kiddies can just rip apart.  I back mine in a lovely fleece for absorbancy and ease of wiping messy faces.  I did a LOT of experimenting and finally came up with a great bib pattern.


What do you think????  I did a lot of testing with these items and am now ready to sell them!  I did one small show a couple weeks ago and the response and feed-back has been great for all three offerings :-D I will set up and Etsy store soon and hopefully make some parent happy with these!!
Wahoo!!  I have also decided to sell some baby quilts!!  I have some on hand and some that are all cut out and ready to sew - quilting is 90% preparation and 10% sewing sometimes LOL!

I would love any feedback that you guys have AND

I even have a couple of discarded prototypes that I would love to give-away!  These would be most suitable for a baby up to 4 months - but some babies are small and some are bigger as we all know!  LOL!  Leave a comment here with what you like about my new offerings and if you have a little baby boy or girl in your life who could use a new bib!! 



Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

My granddaughter needs something to keep her pacifier off the floor.

Unknown said...

My first thought - free babies, I'd love one. Instead I'll have to say we have a very unexpected baby arriving into the family who will be need of such wonderful things as all baby things were long ago given away. This would be such a treat for the very surprised parents to be. Great ideas by the way.

Unknown said...

I just love that you took into account that bibs are washcloths 😄 all the bibs you find in stores are either no good as bibs but great for wiping or no good for wiping faces but great as bibs. Also, all my bibs with velcro I have added snaps to. That's how I started buying snaps. My kids just pull the velcro right apart and the bibs go on the floor. Not the snaps, though! My 3-year-old still can't get them off ha ha.

Lore S said...

I love these, what great ideas. We have our first grand baby coming next month and I have been laid up for several months with foot surgery. I would love to get a few of these to give to the parent's to be. These have been so well thought out, I'm impressed!

scarlett said...

Your items look very professionally made. I didn't see your etsy. I need to look a little better.

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