Sunday, February 17, 2019

Leaders and Enders Woes!

 Good Morning all!

Lately i have been sorting through my scraps :-(  This started because I pulled out a drawer looking for a fabric that I knew was there.  Sigh, I never should have pulled that drawer out because it started a complete avalanche of scrap sorting that I have been putting off - ignoring really in the hope that they will go away LOL!

Anyways, I pieced three more preemie quilt tops and a scrappy rail-fence (I will show that later); and, in the process I completely filled up my 2" square bin and started a rather large 2" square bin of children't prints!

I store mine in plastic shoe boxes as they are easy to store and stack; and, hold more than you think!  I mean, check this out - this 2" square box is full!

And heavy!  I had this bin down to about 1/3 and now it's overflowing again -sigh!

I packaged up my Scrappy Swoon blocks from a couple blog posts again and still need 10 16-patches to get going on the assembly of this quilt.  I was able to piece 10 while I was making the preemie quilts and rail fence - so just 10 more needed!!

While I was doing my scrap cutting I decided to pull out a couple of my other leaders and enders (L&E) projects that I have on the go.  The scrappy bow-ties that Bonnie Hunter inspired a few years ago.  And the Split Nine-Patch I started a few years ago.

I have a lot of blocks done but not nearly enough to make a quilt!!

This means I have two more L&E projects on the go after I finish the Scrappy Swoon quilt!!  Oh man!

As I was pulling down bins of projects my Christmas bin almost fell on my head! (The bins are stored on a shelf up over my head!).  So, of course, I opened it up!

Tumblers, half-square triangles (HST) and 2" squares - oh my!  Doing a quick look at this bin I see that a Jacob's Ladder quilt would be beautiful in these Christmas prints!  So, that makes 3 L&E projects I have to finish!

Long time readers may remember these blocks from my Scrappy Christmas Quilt A Long I ran sever years ago.  Well, now, it appears that I have enough for another whole quilt already cut out!!

With three L&E projects in the wings and one large one almost ready to assemble (not to mention one ready to go on the frame!) I seem to have A LOT of scrap projects ready to go! 

So, the question is - do I continue with these L&E style or just start piecing them?  Hmmm . . . . . . of course I have other projects I am working on; but, right now I feel a little overwhelmed to be honest.  Although, I don't need any of these quilts except for a trunk show that I am doing at The Quilting Quarters next month.

I need to pick one to work on next and I need to choose how to proceed.  So, do I dive in and start chain piecing or continue on??  What would you do?


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Only because you asked - I would start with the "Scrappy Swoon" since it is the closest to completion - and use the "Scrappy Christmas" as your L/E. When "Swoon" is done - bump "Christmas" to the forefront and use "Bow-Ties" as the L/E. When "Christmas" is done - bump "Bow-Ties" to the forefront and use "Split 9-Patch" as the L/E. You can change the order - but that way you're "working" on one to completion - while using the "next" one as your L/E. By the way - I call them "Tweens" - it's shorter - LOL - ;))

Gene Black said...

If you do the Christmas one, it may be done by Christmas for a double win!

Gene Black said...

Of course if you simply piece them rather than L/E it will be done sooner....

Katrina said...

Thank you for your comments! Swoon will definitely be next, after the 10 more 16-patches are done and then I think I will work on Christmas Jacob's Ladder as a project rather than a L&E b/c it really only has 4 patches to go and then use the others as true L&E. Too many scraps!!