Tuesday, October 27, 2020

And Another Finish!

Another 2” squares finish!

I was so excited to get this one done as it spent a fair amount of time in the UFO closet as well.  My poor quilts!  They must feel so neglected sometimes LOL!  If they had feelings that is!  

This one got put on the back burner because I really wanted to miter those borders and use the two fabrics in the Quarter Square Triangle Blocks (QST); but, well, I don’t enjoy mitering and I am picky about it!  But I LOVE how this turned out!!  And here it is!  Yey!

Here it is under the needle of my P3 getting the ruler work treatment.  Yep that is me :-D

I do love pushing my ruler-work skills and figuring things out.  I am not too incredibly thrilled with this border.  I think it looks like a DNA spiral but hey - done is better than perfect right?  And, I learned a lot.

I am a lot more thrilled with the inside of the quilt.  I really like the curves on all the straight lines. It took a LONG time to do all of this custom quilting but I think that the end product is pretty cool. And, another good thing, that is a wide-back batik batting that I HAD in my stash!  I had purchased it when it was 1/3 off and stashed it away and Voila!

The quilt is now on a bed, where it belongs, not in the closet and it is off my mind.  Another scrap project done.  Another UFO taken care of.  Now if I can only get another dozen quilts finished I might be getting caught up!

What about you?  Anything under your needle today?

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