Monday, December 28, 2020

Star Wars T-Shirt Quilt!

 It is finally done!!  I finally completed this Queen size Star Wars T-Shirt quilt! 

Wahoo!  Seriously I cannot tell you how happy I am that this is finished.  Like everything else it was put on hold when the mask making frenzy hit our house but now it is quilted and done!  This quilt was a few years in the making.  A couple of the shirts I bought new for it.  Hello Mandalorian  shirt!  Some were ours - Abbey Road Droids, Darth Maul and Boba Fett.  But, the rest of these were all second hand - yard sales and thrift shops.

It took a few years to find all of these but so worth it!  49 shirts in all are in this quilt.  AND I have more that didn’t make it in because they were more kid-like.  But, these are going to go into a kids Star Wars T-shirt quilt - don’t worry!

Can you find that little shirt label in the last photo?  Bottom left.  I found a small hole in that spot, while quilting!!  I wanted to scream LOL!  But I usually keep the shirt labels if they look cool so I grabbed one and appliquéd and quilted it down after sealing the hole.  I figure it’s a feature of the quilt now right?

This is all quilted in 40 weight Glide Thread in Titanium, top and bobbin, using a wide back mottled black flannel and 80/20 batting.  I also used my new spoon foot to quilt this and wow what a difference getting over the seams!  So much easier - if you make T-shirt quilts you should grab one of these for sure.

One other person in this house loves this quilt too!  Don’t judge I could resist!!  So do you like my Star Wars quilt?

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Gene Black said...

I have to say, it is fun. I only ever had one Star Wars T-shirt and I wore it out. LOL.
I found the label, but the angle makes it look planned, so I almost missed it.