Saturday, September 30, 2023

Preemie Quilts and What Have I Been Doing?

Ahh Preemie Quilts!

I do love to make them.  Our local quilt guild collects preemie quilts for a NICU in Ottawa (that's where my son was after he was born) and I do try to make a bunch every year to donate.  During Covid I actually fell off when mask making took over, but, as Wednesday was our first meeting of the guild year, I gathered all of the ones up that I'd made over the past three years, and bundled them up to bring to the guild.  Check it out!  There are 20 ready to go.

A bunch of them are mask remnants:  Star Wars, Bat Man, sports etc.  Some are 2" leaders and enders 16-patch blocks with setting squares that I have been doing forever!  These are my favourite way to use up kids prints and left-over white fabrics and they always look so cute.  You can see a tutorial I posted many years ago here.

Some of these are actually orphan blocks that I purchased from a thrift store - you can see the blue and yellow quilt in the bottom row and the houses bottom right - neither of these were my blocks but I made them into preemie quilts.  And the two in the bottom row, that look like a road, were made by my oldest son during Covid so he could learn to use my long arm :-)

Here they all are on the donate pile at the guild ready to go to their new owners.

And - last - I thought that I would share a little bit about what I've been doing!  I realized at the quilt guild that none of my quilting friends really know what I've been doing over the past few years.

This is me last weekend during the Sound Bath I led to a full house.  I play various instruments:  crystal bowls, gong, rainstick, ocean drums, chimes, bar chimes etc, with my husband on the guitar and hand pan.  This takes up quilt a bit of time to completely arrange these evenings so I haven't done much quilting the past couple of weeks.  We absolutely love doing this!  There's something so rewarding about offering the gift of relaxation and time for yourself :-)

Also, during Covid a lot of my yoga trainings went online!  So, I was able to do all of the coursework and intensives to complete my training, over the past three years, to be a Yoga Therapist!  I have just entered my practicum year and am taking clients. 

Long and short - I went back to school to attain a professional designation and I am starting a new (or sort of new) journey to helping people live better and fuller lives using the tools of yoga:  meditation, breath work, postures, mantra, nervous system works and a lot more.  I am specializing in nervous system work, mental health and the menopausal transition.  If you would like to read more about what Yoga Therapy is you can check out this link, and, if you would like to work with me you can check out this link

Life is good!


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