Friday, February 10, 2006

Sweat Shirt Jackets

This is one of my sweatshirt jackets that I have made. Some people call them foundation garments as the jacket is made on the base of a sweatshirt. This particular one is my scrap Halloween jacket. I used scraps from various halloween projects including some 4 year old paper-pieced pumpkin blocks. You can see on the sleeve an embroidered skeleton that I think looks great on the sleeve.
Sweatshirt jackets are great because they illiminate cutting a pattern and they fit like a comfy sweatshirt. You can really do a lot of different fun things with them for relatively little cost.
The long and the short of this method is:
  1. buy a sweatshirt that is one size too big for you and has set-in sleeves.
  2. cut off the ribbing around the sleeves and bottom. I leave on the top until the end.
  3. cut it apart on the seams and down the cetre of the front.
  4. make fabric somehow to cover the sweatshirt pieces.
  5. baste the fabric onto the sweatshirt pieces.
  6. quilt the pieces.
  7. trim away the excess top fabric from the sweatshirt pieces.
  8. sew the sweatshirt back together and over-cast the edges. Make sure that the jacket has a nice fit.
  9. you can either bind the edges witha bias or turn the fabric to the back and top-stitch.
Would you like more information on this? Please leave a comment here. I have been thinking about doing a pictorial lesson on my blog but I would like to know if there is interest first.
As always please feel free to leave me comments and let me know if there is anything that you would like to see.


Anonymous said...

what a great idea..i would love more info....on your sweatshirt jacket!

Anonymous said...

great idea for your halloween jacket. gave me some good ideas. i'm sure people would enjoy a pictorial class. thanks for sharing.
patti in florida

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to make such a jacket. But I just havn't found a easy to understand pattern. I would love if you could help. Beth

Anonymous said...

Just found your site, enjoyed all the information and pictures. I have been wanting to make one of those jackets out of sweatshirts so will give it a try. Thanks for all the helpful information.
Ruth Suchon
Birnamwood WI

Anonymous said...

I would love a more jacket info. You have a great blog spot. I love it. I am also posting a message via email lazy girls designs. LOVE your work. Mary Baker

Carolyn in KY said...

I agree with the other comments, a tutorial would be wonderful. I am impressed with your work.

Anonymous said...

Is there any more info on the making of the jackets. They are gorgeous. I would love to try it.

Silverthimble said...

Yes, please do a pictoral on how to make your sweatshirt jackets!

Katrina said...

Here is a link to the sweatshirt jacket tutorial