Wednesday, February 28, 2007

UFO Finish #10 - Preemie Quilts

Ta da!
Here they are! 20 little preemie quilts all ready for some little babies. I had ten tops all finished and the battings cut, and, even some backings cut, last year, and that's as far as I got for a very long time. When I made up my UFO list I decided to add 10 more to the goal for a total of 20 preemie quilts. I finished quilting the last three today so that gives me 20 finished preemie quilts. I like to make at least 20 every year. You can see my last years quilts here.

Our local NICU like for the quilts to be 24" x 24" so that they fit in the incubators nicely; but, check with what your local hospital will want first, if, you are interested in making some. These go to my quilt guild tonight for submission; but, I am going to see if I can deliver them to the hospital with my youngest son since he just loves going to deliver the little quilts.

This is such a worthwhile thing to do! I can't say enough about how much these little quilts mean to the parents of babies who have to stay in the hospital for a while after they are born. My youngest son was in the NICU for only 5 days but those little quilts were beautiful pieces of colour in an otherwise sterile enviornment. If you have some kid's print scraps and are looking for a good home for them; make some preemie quilts for your local hospital with a birthing ward or for your local children's hospital.

Anyways, if I get one more UFO finished I will be 1/3 of the way through my UFO's!! I am actually wokring on hand-quilting a little wall hanging. thetop has been finished for about a year and basted too LOL!


swooze said...

Finsh #10? For 2007? I am in awe and very jealous. I have a goal for 10 finishes this year alone. Of course I only have a few small ones and the rest are big. I have 1 finish for the year with the rest inching ever closer! Keep up the great work and congrats on your win!

Unknown said...

My gosh you've been busy, and your putting the rest of us ufoer's to shame..

Rose Johnston said...

way to go......10 UFO's....maybe u should finish mine the premie quilts BTW!!

Pam said...

First - a big congratulations on your win!!! Great gift bag you got there.

I seem to be a bit behind in my blogging - I think I need a better system :))

What a great bunch of quilts for the NICU. They will be well loved I'm sure.

Ms. Jan said...

Good for you!!! The preemie quilts are so needed and welcomed by the parents!