Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just Ducky Postcards

Hi all;
I thought that I would share this picture of these fabric postcards before i send them away today. These are my two "Just Ducky" fabric post cards for the Fabric Postcards Yahoo list that I belong to. There were only three of us participating in this one so I send two off and get two back. I hope that everyone likes them.

I love making fabric postcards. There is something so amazing about a textile piece of art that goes through the mail. People always ask me if they get through the mail okay and I have to say yes! The postal workers love seeing them when I bring them in to be hand canceled and I have to think that they get even more special attention by the delivery people. My Christmas cards that I sent out got to all over Canada and the USA without any problems. You can see them here and here. And, I have to say that this was the first time that I have received and Thank You note for a Christmas card that I sent out. Now to think about what to send this year.

I thought that I would also share the results of my dying experiment yesterday. These wools turned out a little more purple than I wanted but I still think that they look great. I think that they may be darker because I started with gray and brown wools. I have ordered a couple of dying books to help me along; but, right now I am working in the dark a bit :) I want to take a course in dying wool this summer; but, it is hard to wait when you want to get started.

I'll dye more wools late maybe. I think that greens and blues may be next :)


Doodlebug Gail said...

Those are very cute - I'm going to have to try some simple postcards - there certainly is no shortage of inspiration and books around.

Pam said...

The duck postcards are so cute. I'm sure whoever receives them with just love them.

All these new ideas I see on blogs - what a good idea dyeing old wool bits - you can get great colours and all the different textures of different weaves of wool.

Rhonda said...

I am dying to try dying.LOL You did a good job with your project. It inspired me.

Jenni said...

Very cool. The wool looks so much different.

Unknown said...

I love the dark purple. It is wine colour. What are you going to use these fabrics for?

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