Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Fabric Postcards

Hi all!

Well, this is this year's batch of Christmas fabric postcards! They are finally done! What a lot of work but I just love them :) All the white ones are addressed and ready to go I just have to do the coloured ones. I bought some of those clear peel and stick envelopes that a lot of people use and I think that I will put them in the envelopes this year since the postcards are white. What do you think? I bought a few hundred of them so I don't mind using them :)

These were fun cards to make. I saw the metallic net fabric at Fabric Land a few weeks back and thought that it would be a nice easy way to make cards if I layered the fabric over other fabric. I didn't buy any of it and so the idea took firm root in my mind. I went back a week later and guess what?? It was on 50% off!! Gotta' love that! So I grabbed a meter of each and then dug into my stash for some other fabrics.

The white trim is just a knitting yarn. I think that it really finishes them off and makes them look cozy.

Are you all done your Christmas preparations yet?


antique quilter said...

they look so pretty. I know that the lucky people to receive them will just love them.
I still need to try making postcards...maybe after the holidays.

Anonymous said...

I love your postcards...can you tell me what you used to make them stiff? Also...I found your entry on McKenna Ryan quilts and since I just bought my first two patterns online yesterday I think it will be very helpful to me...did you happen to post other comments on those quilts...? The patterns look so great! But now I'm hearing the pieces are so tiny....gosh, I hope I can do them!


Katrina said...

Hi Karen! Thanks for your comment. I used Timtex in the postcards to make them stiff. You can also use a product called Peltex or Stiffy.

The Pineneedles quilts are NOT hard just time consuming but it is nice work. I didn't post anything else on them sorry.