Sunday, April 06, 2008

Rug Hooking Sunflowers

I have finally started to rug hook the sun flowers from the rug that I started ages ago. I have never rug hooked flowers before so I have been a bit stalled to start this rug. I decided that since I went to the rug hooking guild yesterday that I would plunge in no matter what :) Well, I ended up pulling almost 90% of what I hooked and changing it but hey! I still don't know. What do you guys think? I've never done any type of shading before so I'm a little bit stumped! With quilting, I would know that if I didn't get the shade or the effect that I wanted, with the appliqué, that, I could thread paint it, or, just plain paint it. With rug hooking I don't have that experience yet so I am trying to get shading with a #5 cut because I don't want to do a fine cut on a rug that I want to put on the floor. I am a bit frustrated and feeling a bit over my head here; and, to be honest, I love it! I love feeling like the field is completely open and like the whole rug hooking world is my oyster :) i have a ton of mistakes to make and a ton to learn and it makes me really happy to be starting a whole new (well, new to me) thing.

Please tell me what you all think of my rug so far. Is the shading just whacked or is it ok?


Rughooker said...

I love the look of your sunflower - I'd say you are a natural shader. If you want lots of help and advice at the tap of your keyboard, come on over and join us at Yahoo Rughookers - we have lots of great people, inexperienced and very experienced.
My blog is

QuiltingFitzy said...

I think it looks marveous. I'm placing my first wool order today, a total newbie. I'm as uncertain as you!

Now to go over and check out those links!