Thursday, August 06, 2009

Progress on the Haunted House Rug!

Since we haven't been having a nice and/or hot summer I've actually got quite a bit of hooking done! I ordered more of that amazing green wool from Wanda Kerr of WandaWorks. I will now have enough to finish the grass *whew!*

I also hooked the care and driver (minus the wheels!). The smile and eyes are actually really really thinly cut black wool that I cut by hand and hooked! I think that must be about a #1 cut b/c it was the thickness of embroidery floss LOL. It was a new thing and a bit of a challenge but I like the effect.

The gate is a #4 cut and the rest of it is a #6 cut. I really like working in a #6 cut so far. Not too big and not to small :)

Now to get the wheels done!!

Have you all seen this video that Deanne Fitzpatrick "Teaching Grandma to Hook" put up on YouTube? It's a spoof video about teaching someone to hook. It is tooo funny!!!

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Tammy Burks said...

Can't wait to see you start filling in the houses and watch this come to life! What a fun rug!