Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rug Progress and Clothespin Bags

Here's a picture of the two clothespin bags that I made in the last week :D They are from the Darlene Zimmerman pattern Wash Day Clothespin Bag. her patterns are wonderful and very vintage in feel. I can't seem to get enough of the 1930's reproduction prints lately so this really fit what I felt like making! I made the red and green one first then found that great print at my LQS with "Earth" and "Go Green" etc printed on it and thought that it would make a great background for a clothespin bag! I put a bit of ribbon on the waste band to make it a bit funkier. I love it!

I think that I might make a few of these for Christmas presents for some friends and family. They are sooo cute and the pattern is really nicely written! I must say they look wonderful hanging on the line :D

Here is the progress on the Haunted House rug that I've been working on. I am so happy with the progress that I have been able to make the past couple of weeks! I have been hooking for about an hour most nights, while watching movies, and I have been amazed at what i have been able to accomplish.

The path and road look like they are almost the colour of the burlap but they are actually and off-white wool that I onion skin dyed.

I think that I might hook a bit of a dark purple line on the bottom of the car wheels to give some more contrast between the wheels and the road. I'll probably use the same sort of technique that I used on the drivers face and hook with a really really thin piece of wool. So far I am very pleased though!

I'm trying to formulate in my head a plan for some stair risers to go up our staircase. I have so many different ideas for what I would like to do but they all seem to clash in my head. I need to come up with a unified theme in my head like these ones here. I don't want to do a farm theme but you get the idea. I am torn between realistic (probably backyard birds since my husband is a birder) or geometric (like circles again) or funky (like these ones here). I just can't decide!! We live in a 100 year old house so traditional might be more appropriate but I would take them with me if we move that's for sure!!! LOL. Decisions decisions :D

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Gayle said...

Your rug is looking really good - I'm LOVING that lime green background! I have an old clothespin back that used to belong to my grandma - so fun! I'm also hooking some rugs for my stairs - I have the first two of six done - using the same border treatment to tie them all together, but using different folk art motifs for fun. You can see them on one of my older blog entries if you'd like!