Sunday, April 04, 2010

I'm (Locally) Famous!

Only in a small town, or community, could my quilts make the cover of both of our local newspapers! The EMC is our local area-wide newspaper and the Chronicle is our town's newspaper. That's me on the right ;) I couldn't believe it when my quilts made the cover of *both* of the newspapers!! Although I am not in the left picture that's my flying geese quilt. I just had to laugh when I saw the papers this weekend. Our guild's show was a success and I now have the feeling that the photographers liked my quilts :-D It was two different photographers as well - so I must say that's quite validating ;)

BTW I've finally realized why I haven't been blogging as much as I was. I changed over from a PC to a MAC a couple of years ago. I absolutely *love* my Mac and wouldn't change it for anything. But, the PC had card slots o take different types of memory cards from cameras etc. and the MAC doesn't. So, I had to get an external card reader - I got one that hangs off the back of the machine. I hated it from day one since it didn't stay in the machine; but, rather, it would become disconnected half way through an import and it took so long to import photos. So, blogging became a real pain. I recently got a new card-reader that plugs in via a cord and it doesn't become disconnected if you breath on it! So - blogging is fun again! Amazing how something so little can change everything for you huh?

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