Friday, April 16, 2010

On the Frame!

My quilt is finally on the frame and progressing :-D After taking it off my own hand-quilting frame I felt such a sense of relief - and now that it is on my regular bee's frame, being quilted, I feel so happy! This quilt was pieced so many years ago, and, I loved piecing it, so, it needs to be finished - badly. My quilting bee - the Silver Thimbles, were gracious enough to agree to finish hand-quilting it when my time came to put a quilt on the frame. Looking at it now I love this quilt again. It has transformed itself from a source of stress to a great joy again and that makes me very happy. I hope that we all enjoy quilting it together ;)


Marlene said...

Very nice quilt.

dulcy said...

Beautiful! I'm seeing so many gorgeous quilts on blogs, and that's something I've never tried. I'm kind of having "quilt envy". Hope you're still loving your Mac. That's all I've every used, and can't imagine going PC.

Anonymous said...
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