Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Twin Baby Quilts!

I finally finished sewing on the labels of these two baby quilts for a twin boy and girl.  I, once again, did my 4-patch 1-patch pattern from Ursula Reikes' book "Quilts for Baby."  I really like the way that the continuous curve machine quilting looks across the piecing.  I love this pattern so much but I need to make a different one once in a while LOL!  I just bought Ursula Reikes' new book "Even More Quilts for Baby"so maybe I'll find some inspiration there ;)  I also mitered the boards on the blue quilt.  I don't usually do that for a baby quilt but I didn't have anything suitable for corner-stones and I figured that it would take me just as long to piece a 4-patch to put in so I mitered the boarders instead.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do ;)

I got the new McCall's ~ America Quilts for Christmas and on page 54 there is a place-mat pattern called Forever Green that has trees on it that I really like!  I noticed that the triangle in a square unit on the boarders is the exact size of my 3" Triangles in a Square die for my Accuquilt Go!!  Using the die would make these place-mats so fast and easy since i wouldn't have to use templates!  I think that this might be a nice teacher gift perhaps.  Or maybe it's just a good excuse to use my die ;)

Happy Sewing all!!

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dulcy said...

Love those twin baby quilts!

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