Thursday, March 03, 2011

Banished to the Closet ~ For Now . . .

Isn't this a great but sad photo?  Great because I finished my red-work quilt!  Yey!  Sad because this quilt is destined to be hand quilted by the bee I belong to, The Silver Thimbles, and, it isn't my turn yet.  My turn is not for several months yet - sigh.  I've had the fabrics and pattern picked out for this quilt for quite a while, over a year to be exact, but, inspiration just never struck.  Well, inspiration struck about a month ago and I got to work on the quilt top.  Don't worry, I knew it wasn't even close to my turn; but, I felt like working on it - so I did!  And I got the top finished.  And there it is all finished and no place to go LOL! So into the quilt closet it goes.  I am extremely relieved that it is finished though.  I still have to mark the top but I don't want to do that until it gets a lot closer to the time it goes on the frame.  Don't worry - you'll see this beauty again - just not for a while.

Now what to work on!??

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