Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A New Quilt on the Frame and a New Project Experiment

Thank you all for your compliments to my 70's quilt!  It was a lot of fun to work on and I enjoyed it very much.

We've recently put a new quilt on the hand quilting frame at the bee that I belong to ~ The Silver Thimbles.  I know that this isn't a very good photo.  The lighting was a little dim for the photo and I was standing on a chair with the camera at the ceiling to take this LOL!  But, I thought that you might like to see what we are working on in the group.  It's a very nice quilt using different blues, lavenders and greens on cream backgrounds.  We're doing fairly simple quilting 1/4" inside each shape and a star in the middle square of each star.  I think it will be very pretty - I just can't believe that she is giving it away as a gift!  But that's what we quilters do isn't it?  We give away so much of our work either as gifts or charity.  It's so nice to share the love that way.

Today I pulled out the Lazy Angle ruler by Joan Hawley.  I've had this ruler for a few years but have never even taken it out of the plastic! Woops!  Well I got it out today and pulled out some Robyn Pandolph Sentimental Journey odds and ends and did a little cutting.  I used the fabric in my very first Crazy Shortcut Quilt; but, I had pieces left that were just too big to throw out - the perfect size to play!  Since these really aren't my colours I don't mind chopping into them at all ;-)  Don't get me wrong - I like the fabrics but I'm just not in love with them.  Why is it I need an emotional attachment to fabric to get really inspired?  It's kind of odd maybe LOL!

I chopped and cut and flipped and rearranged and I think I have something kind of neat going on!  That's the really neat thing about this ruler.  You can get odd shapes with easy rotary cutting in multiple sizes.  I'm pretty intrigued - but I'm not in love yet.  Maybe if the colours were different?  More vibrant perhaps? I just can't decide what my next step will be.  Hmmm

That's okay!  I have to go and teach a pilates class now so maybe when I get back inspiration will strike and I'll sew tonight.  The weather networks are calling for yuck weather so it would be a good night to stay in and sew!

What are you all working on today?

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