Monday, April 04, 2011

Exhaustion After Demoing!

Ohhh so tired even the day after demonstrating all day at The Quilting Quarters.  Demoing is so rewarding and so fun and we had an absolutely fabulous group of women - sorry guys - I know there are male quilters, don't worry, but, we were an all female group yesterday LOL! 

Anyways, I was so brain-dead after it was all over, and everyone had left, that I forgot one of my biggest bags at the shop!  This bag held ALL of my Accuquilt Go! dies and all of the rulers and books I demoed that day - that was an important bag!  So, today I went back to the quilt shop (about a 25-30 minute drive) to grab my stuff.  Not a big deal really; but, I felt the need to console myself with some fabric.

I got several meters of 30's prints that I think would go in very nicely with my stash to make a great double wedding ring quilt!  I can see it so clearly in my head that it makes me smile.  They are such happy, cheerful prints with such pure tones.

One down-side, I don't have enough variation in my 30's prints!  Uh oh I see more fabric shopping in my future!

So what are you all working on today?  Anything new?  Anything you're thinking of?  Or UFO's?

Happy Quilting!


haddie said...

Love this fabric.... I would like to try a double wedding ring but it kind of hmmm Makes me nervous Ya thats it.... Maybe one day

Impera Magna said...

What lovely fabrics.... very nice! Are you sure you "forgot" that bag o' stuff you had to go back for??? *lol*

It was "back to work" for me today after Spring Break... some Kaffe Fassett prints were in today's mail so I've been thinking about the in-progress quilt I will get back to one of these days.

susan said...

Ah Katrina, you have me so interested in the accuquilt. I probably use the studio size since I would cut more strips and then use the same dye for squares. The alphabet would interest me too and then the apple core, get the drift. Anyway back to topic. would you do a tutorial with the accuquilt machine. I have seen some on line but wondered how you used yours. Are you going to do the wedding ring with their dye. There is a video that shows them using it.