Friday, April 01, 2011

Go! Butterfly Garden

I finished it!  I made the Accuquilt pattern Go!  Butterfly Garden.  Isn't it pretty!?  The weather networks were calling for sun and warmth and well - we got neither so I decided to bring a little spring into the house!  By the way sorry for the dark photo - I'll try to replace it on a brighter day - I told you we were having dull days!  I made mine smaller than the pattern on the Accuquilt site so that I could get the boarders out of the width of fabric instead of cutting them on the length-wise grain.  I had hand-dyed te green and blue fabrics and I was looking for a project to make with them for a while.  I think they work well here and it is nice to use one of my hand-dyes instead of hoarding them!

I didn't have all of the dies that they used on the Accuquilt site.  The dies I did use were:
  • Critters
  • Rose of Sharon
  • Feathers
  • Circle
I improvised by using these dies for all of the shapes - leaves can become flower petals easily!  I found it very enjoyable to look at the flowers and see what I had.  Now that said - I really want the round flower and funky flower dies now LOL!  Notice I said want - not need ;-)  That said I am sure I could think up another project that NEEDS the dies LOL!

BTW Accuquilt is having the most amazing promotion!!  You have to check out what you get free with every order!!  I've now placed an order just to get this item.  You can check out the amazing promotion here!

What are you all working on?  Any spring projects to share?

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Happy Quilting!


susan said...

Such a nice job. I love the green and blue fabric selections. I can see this on the back of a child's spring jacket or around a circular tote bag too. A clever use of the leave dye for petals too. Makes me want to get into my sewing room pronto but the kids have other ideas right now. Hmm I wonder if I play hide and seek if they would find me!

Jan Maree said...

what a gorgeous little quilt - love the borders too by the way!

Deanna S said...

Lovely quilt, nice colors Katrina!
It was free,, accuquilt did have an amazing promotion! wow! was it only today they offered it? :~)

SewCalGal said...

Absolutely beautiful. Love how you improvised too. Inspirational. I've loved this design and want to make it too! Just seems to welcome in Spring.
You did a fantastic job.


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