Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Busy Couple of Days!

Now that the weather has cooled down a little bit I decided to spend some time in my swing room and have some fun!  I have to say I actually got quite a bit of sewing done - yey!

Have you seen those Jelly Roll Race Quilts yet?  Well I think that they are a pretty cool idea so I thought that I would try one out (you can find the instructions here).  But, no Jelly Rolls at home - woops!  But, what I DO have is a great big bin of various 2.5" strips that I cut a while ago using my Accuquilt Go!!  Want to see that mess that I transformed into useful strips?  Here it is!  So I pulled that bin out and selected a blue/green/brown/burgundy sort of pallet and eye-balled what I thought looked like approximately a Jelly Roll amount and then followed the method.  Mine ended up a bit on the skinny side, I guess I needed a few more scraps ;-) , but, considering that this was all just scraps and left-overs,  I am really happy with how this turned out!!  I might add some boarders - or I might leave it as a lap quilt for the couch or car.  I'm undecided - any thoughts?

Next I pulled out my new Accuquilt Go! Pumpkin die and decided to try out the free pattern that comes with the die.  I had all the dies needed to make this completely with my Go! cutter so I thought that I would give it a try.  I love pumpkins and so does my youngest son.


I am in LOVE with this wall-hanging!  Once again this was completely out of my stash and I was able to use up some odd bits and, again, left-overs.  This is the first time that I have almost completely die-cut a project like this (ok well except for the Jelly Roll Race quilt above - that was all cut with the 2.5" strip cutter) and I am amazed with how easily everything went together.  I love those pumpkins and I think it will look nice hanging on a door - once I finish it!

Pretty great pattern for a free pattern that came with the die!  If you would like more free Accuquilt patterns you can get 22 free patterns by signing up for the Accuquilt newsletter!

My youngest son, the one who loves pumpkins, came down-stairs and saw it and said "Ohhh can I have that to hang in my room when you finish it!!??"  I laughed and said "Of course!"  Talk about some validation - that really made my day!

Looking at these two quilts together I seem to be in an orange/tan/green/deep colour sort of phase.  It must be because fall is approaching!

Now I just have to quilt these quilts!

Are you working on any fall projects?  Or are you finding you colour palette changing now that summer is starting to ebb?


Gene Black said...

nice quilts!

harleywife57/ Mickey White said...

They both turned out so nice ! LOVE the pumpkins !! I think we are all tired of HOT weather , maybe ? I am looking forward to fall for cool , but NICE , weather ; not HOT !!

Judee said...

I have recently done a Jelly Roll quilt with scraps too and it was great fun. I plan to do more. Aren't they fast? Love those pumpkins too.

SewCalGal said...

Love your projects. But I truly love hearing your son's comments. Very special.

Your pumpkin wallhanging would also be perfect for the Fall theme blog hop.


Tracey @ The Peony Teacup said...

I've just ordered my Go! (as you know!) and I must confess that I was looking at the Fall Medley and the Pumpkin dies, but I just couldn't justify them on top of the 3.5" tumbler, Sunbonnet Sue, Baby 2.5" strip, DWR, Rose of Sharon & 3.5" Drunkard's path!

But looking at your wall hanging makes me wish I had one so that I could make a pretty Fall/Halloween wall hanging.. we're in Aus, so we're just into Spring but my MIL lived overseas for a long time and loves to make a big deal of Halloween for Blossom & Bean (who are 3.5 & 5 years old) - they would just love it! Oh well, I guess there's always next Fall (for me - only 6 months to go ;)) or next Halloween!

I love that you were able to make both of those using only bits and pieces from your stash though! Great work!