Monday, August 29, 2011

I Found It!!!!

I finally found it!!!  *Pumps fist into the air*  I found my rug hooking hook!  

I know I haven't said anything but I have been looking for my favorite hook for over a month now!!  Crazy I know - I didn't even mention this to my husband because it is so silly.  I was even about to order a new hook from Gene Shepherd since I love his hooks - but stubborn me - I kept looking and looking every so often hoping it would turn up.  I did try to use a different hook for a bit but I really like my hook and wanted it :-(

Well my bad little hook rolled under my cutter and until I got down on my hands and knees to search through a bin, and happened to look up at the cutter, it was completely hidden from my view.  Can you see the hook in the photo?  Sigh - so there is sat until last night when I finally found it. 


Well, needless to say, I hooked for a few hours last night on a pattern I had started a loooong time ago.  It is a Star Rug Hooking Company pattern that was a free pattern in Rug Hooking Magazine a while back.  I don't know why I love her patterns so much - maybe it is that they have such a sense of whimsy to them and are just so primitive and CUTE!


Isn't he a cutie??  It's Mr Iggy going out Trick or Treating.  I had Mr Iggy's head and the crow hooked but that was about it until last night and then I couldn't stop hooking - yey!! My youngest son - the one who loves pumpkins, said; "Mommy that's a silly pumpkin!"  I asked why he was silly and he said, very matter of factly, "Silly pumpkins have a mouth that go up and down, Happy pumpkins have a smile, angry pumpkins have a frowny mouth and scary pumpkins have a mouth like this" (makes a wide-mouthed circle with his mouth).  I had to laugh!  So apparently Mr Iggy has a silly pumpkin treat holder LOL!

Oh it is so wonderful to actually find something that I have been looking for for so long now (ok only about a month but it felt a lot longer)!  it is so nice to get back to hooking too - the cooler weather always makes me want to get back into hooking again.

So what would you have done?  Keep looking or buy a new hook?


Impera Magna said...

So glad you finally found your hook... amazing how those things can disappear in plain sight, huh? said...

awesome! Hey, come link this post if you like for others to see! We have a Wip Wed link party, Canuck-style! over at
: )
sewing in Saskatoon

Marjorie said...

I definitely would keep looking. When something is lost, I always believe it will come home if I wait long enough.