Monday, January 07, 2013

Blue Snowman Rag Quilt


You read that correctly!  Another rag quilt!  Well, not just a rag quilt - but a matching rag pillow as well.  If you've been following along, I bought fabric, started working on A rag quilt, changed my mind, bought more fabric and now have ended up with two rag quilts!


And, I am very pleased.  I love my Christmas rag quilt and I love my new winter rag quilt.  Don't you just want to wrap yourself up in it!?

Many of you were asking what I was going to do with the blue log cabin print; and, it is in this quilt and in the matching pillow.   I love that this can stay out all winter; and, judging by the amount of snow we have right now, winter might just last until April or May this year - just joking - sort of.  Let's just leave it as I feel that this quilt will be out for many months before it is put away for the summer.


I love the embroidery stitching/quilting on these blocks as well.  I feel that it really adds to the quilt.  Someone commented that it looked like it took a lot of time.  Well - yes it did.  But, not only did it give me something brainless to do while I was sick, and, thus, make me happier by relieving boredom; but,  it really gives a great, special finish to the quilt.  A rag quilt doesn't have to be "just a rag quilt" (like I hear often) it can be more.

So, why did I start on this one the day after finishing my last one?  Honestly, my sewing room was a disaster after the last one.  There were thread and bits of flannel EVERYWHERE!  It looked like a rag quilt blew up in here!  No I am not taking a picture.  So, I figured that instead of cleaning up, and putting everything away, and vacuuming (yuck) that I would plow ahead and finish the second one and then clean up.  And, I knew that if I put all the ready-to-be-assembled blocks away that I might not get them out again for months and months!

Needless to say, we are now the owners of not one, but two, raggy rag quilts!   And, shhhh don't tell my husband, but, I have the next one in the planning and beginning stages.


Wonky Girl said...

This one turned out so great! Was there a pattern or did you randomly place the different fabric squares? I never can tell. LOL

sandra said...

The quilts are beautiful and so cuddly looking. I made one for a friend a couple of years ago and she says it's her favorite gift ever.

Gene Black said...

LOL..great idea - don't clean, it will just get messed up again!

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