Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cog and Gear Rag Quilt

I couldn't help myself!

I have loved this cog and gear flannel print since I first saw it in my LQS and have wanted to make a rag quilt out of it since then.  Sigh - how I love a cozy rag quilt!


I used my Studio rags to riches set to create this cozy quilt - there are also identical dies for the Go!  so everyone can make this quilt!  The rag dies were some of the big reasons I bought my die cutter to start off with - I love a cozy rag quilt in the winter but I hate hand-cutting that fringe!

I have no idea why the raggy rectangle is STILL a "die to try" since it really should be part of the regular release.   You can't create a sashed rag quilt without the rectangle and having it having it an exclusive makes it difficult for people to get.  Or should I say non-USA people to get.  Bringing things across the boarder gets very pricey for Canadians I can tell you!  So many Canadians just won't purchase it at all.

When we had our last Go! Club meeting I featured the rag dies and my LQS was able to bring in the "die to try" rag dies as a special for the club meeting.  Those raggy rectangles were scooped up!  If you want the rectangle as part of the regular release go on the site and leave a review saying how you would purchase it if it was ;-)  Enough about the rectangle LOL!


Back to the quilt!  I used a machine embroidery design of a gear from Urban Threads - it's subtle but I really like the effect and it holds the batting in place nicely.  You can see my mini tute on adding ME to rag blocks here.   In the rectangle and small squares I just quilted and X to hold everything together.  I was very pleased with how the design stitched out - it was well digitized and very nice with no unnecessary jump stitches.  Now I have to find something steampunk to stitch this on too!


Here's what it looks like outside my sewing room today.  Hmmm maybe it's a good day to curl up with my new rag quilt and a book!

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Gene Black said...

The only reason I can see for AccuQuilt exclusive dies is that they don't have to sell them wholesale to the shops. I really don't like this marketing ploy.

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