Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mincraft Creeper Rag Quilt!

Hi all!

We are birthday central in this house right now as my two boys have their birthdays on the 15th and the 16th!  They are 2 years minus a day apart.

My youngest came zipping through my quilting room a bit ago and said - Mommy we could make a Creeper rag quilt!  I let it go thinking this was a passing fancy.  A week or so he came into my sewing room again and said - when are we going to work on my Creeper rag quilt?  So I started buying some green flannels - they were a challenge to get!  And I needed a solidish black flannel - luckily my LQS had one!!  I was floored - I thought that I was going to have to dye it.

What in the world is a Creeper you ask?  He's a character from the online game Minecraft - want to see a picture of one?  Here you go

I honestly didn't want to make this quilt - first I have made 3 rag quilts this year alone so far and second I thought that it would be the UGLIEST rag quilt ever!  But what's a Mom to do when her child is so excited about something that was so within my power to do.

As you can see from previous blog posts I have been slowly plugging away at what I was calling - in my head - the ugliest rag quilt ever.  Then a couple of days ago my youngest asked if he could have his quilt for his birthday party - so I got to work!


Voila!  The world's ugliest rag quilt that is the most loved one in this house!  I brought it to him at his birthday party today and you should have heard those boys!  Everyone was yelling -  Wow!  I want one!  You made that?  That's amazing!  You're so lucky!  Etc It was so gratifying!  My youngest said - Mommy that's EPIC!  It really made it all worth-while!  Yey!  

And yes - I ran out of green flannel squares so I grabbed a couple of the sashing pieces from my Christmas rag quit and threw them in!  Hey - this quilt is never going to win any awards but it is very loved!

 A couple people asked me some questions about sewing the pre-cut rag squares together so I am going to do the world's shortest tut!

These were all cut on my Accuquilt Studio machine with the fringe pre-cut.  Layer your batting in the middle and sew a simple X through it using your walking foot.

Layer two rag sandwiches wrong sides together and sew from the corner to the corner just inside the fringe.  I like to move my needle to the left a little bit to help me here.


 There you go!  Easy peesey!

Sew the horizontal rows together.

Sew the vertical rows together butting your seams like you do in a 4 patch.  Don't over-think it.  It is honestly easier than people think.   You can use pins here if you like - I do!

Get some support on the left hand side of your sewing machine.  Use a table or something to support the weight of the quilt because these can get heavy!  If your sewing machine is sunk into a table you will find it a little easier to manage as well.

Finish it off by sewing around the entire quilt just inside the fringe two times.

The first rag quilt I made seemed much harder than my latest one.  

Ok now I am done with rag quilts for a while I think!


Barbara Arcement said...

love it...I have never made a rag quilt...I have the die for my acu quilt cutter...I am going to have to pull that thing out and make one. thanks for the little tut...

Lesley said...

Giggle...I think you are going to be inundated with quilt orders from the other boys. Now that I know what a creeper is, I can see that your quilt really is a Creeper quilt! Well done!

Flossysmom said...

Along the same linges as Lesley, your son made have started a new fad, and his friends may all want one .Let us know !!