Sunday, October 20, 2013

One LAST Jellyroll Race Quilt

One last Jelly Roll Race quilt for me - and I mean it this time - this is the last one I am quilting for our guild's charity drive - I swear!


I think I have machine quilted - hmm - 20 or so of these over the past 2 years.  And, I don't mind, honestly, I think that because I have a frame I should take on some machine quilting for charity; but, after 20, or so, of these I am about done with them LOL!  Do you think that's ok?  Is it ok if I say no more and run really fast in the other direction if I see another one coming?  Or, is that just really bad karma that will come back to kick me in the behind?

Ah well - I think this is about the last Jellyroll Race quilt my guild will be doing - they are looking for a different guild project so this should be it!

I quilted this quilt in, my favorite, FilTec Glide 40 weight polyester thread in white top and bobbin.  And even though my encoder was giving me a few problems today and then there was a hidden thread caught in the bobbin area (can you believe it was MY mistake!  Bahh I blame my kids!) the Glide thread was a joy to use as always.

All in all - it is all good - I am happy with the way this quilt finished up and I love the colours!  Who doesn't like black and white with a shot of red?

So, what do you think?  Can I run away when a jellyroll race quilt is coming near me?

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Gene Black said...

I say YES. I made one jellyroll race top and realized I just didn't like it. I cut it up and still have not used the pieces.