Saturday, November 02, 2013

I Finally Decided!

I finally decided on the borders!

After much deliberation and waffling and humming and hawing I finally decided on borders for my Halloween log cabin :-)  Yes, yes, I know that it is after Halloween - so from now on this will be a fall log cabin ;-)

I have already changed my mind about this quilt at least three big times.  I had a size in mind and decided that I didn't like it - so I made it bigger.  Then I still didn't like the size so I wanted it bigger again - and I was going to piece the border; but, I couldn't decide how to piece it because I kept changing my mind.


Well, today I was in a LQS teaching a class and I saw this fabric (it is already in the blacks a bit) and it all fell into place - why not just add a border - nothing fancy - just a border?  The quilt is already busy enough and it doesn't need more craziness.  So I bought enough of this funky black and grey print to add 6.5" straight borders to the quilt.   The print is darker in reality and really fun.

Sometimes I over-think things!  K.I.S.S.!!!!!

What do you think?  Is the simple solution the best one here?


Linda said...

I think simple works perfectly. Looks great!

Lesley said...

It is perfect!

Michele T said...

It works beautifully!!!