Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sunday Quilting

Hi all!

Today I decided to get a few things done since I didn't have any set plans for the day - ahhh I love days like this!

I pulled out this super cute green Halloween fabric and almost couldn't cut it!


But, cut it I did to add this flashy first border.


I teach a monthly Accuquilt Go! Club where I feature a die or so every month.  This weekend I featured the Go! Signature die since most people don't know what this die can do!  Beyond the traditional signature block where people sign the rectangle this die can do a lot more things - so I decided to play with it a bit and I came up with this little Halloween table-topper. 

You will need the Signature die and the 3" Finished HST die to make the block.

I love how the black emulates the feel of the bats in the purple fabric.  And, I love the illusion of stretched stars across the quilt. 


After deciding on the borders for my fall log-cabin quilt I wanted to get the top completed; so, I cut the borders at 6.5" and sewed them onto the top and NOW I am happy with the size finally!  It fits on the bed with a much nicer over-hang and will now be a functional bed quilt instead of a throw.  I also like the way that the black gives some negative space to the quilt (which was quite busy with all that orange!).

Unfortunately these two projects will have to stay as tops for the next while as I have a couple other projects that I NEED to get to next.  Ok second really because I have a really quick little project that I would like to do next ;-)  Seriously quick and little project LOL!

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Sandy Panagos said...

Those quilts are so cute!