Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Cool Blue Metro Hoops

Oh how I love to take quilt pictures at the cottage!  Even though the shadows can be hit or miss it's always fun to take pictures out doors - or at least try to :-D

I finally took my Cool Blue Metro Hoops quilt (pattern by Sew Kind of Wonderful) off the frame and finished hand turning the binding while at the cottage on a rainy day.  There is no better time to do handwork, than a rainy day at the cottage, with nothing to do, but, watch a movie, or two, and bind.

So the next sunny day we went outside and snapped some shots.

Woodpiles always make interesting props :-D

As do benches made from excess wood.

I quilted this quilt in 40 weight Glide thread in White and used pre-wound bobbins.  I have to say I loved quilting this to death!!  I took inspiration from a few different quilters' work and some of my own ideas and just went to town with rulers.  Sometimes it's fun to push yourself a bit.

After I got some shots I used the quilt for one of favourite uses for quilts.  A little R&R by the water!!  

I love to use my quilts - that's what they are for!  You can see that even though this is heavily quilted it drapes beautifully and is soft and cuddly.  I think that the Glide thread and the Hobbs cotton batting have a lot to do with this.

And apparently a little shut-eye time ;-)

So, what do you think of my cottage quilts and my Cool Blue Metro Hoops?

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