Saturday, November 28, 2020

Making Masks from Panels

Hey all!

I am back to making masks!  I am going to fit in more time for piecing but I thought that I would share a way that I made a couple of Christmas panels into masks!  Please excuse the lack of before pictures but I didn’t think of it until after I had cut up the panels!

I had this Christmas panel with angels on it that I was able to cut apart and piece together to make beautiful angel masks!  I cut the angel sections out of the panel and added fabric onto the sides, so that the pieces would be large enough to cut into mask halves.

I held up the masks to the window to match up the angels so that they would be spaced evenly.  Really high tech LOL!

This way I got two mirror images of the angels that I was able to sew together.

And, I was able to make a few masks, insides and out from the same panel!

Pretty nice I think!  If you want to see these angel masks you can check out Sunshower Masks on Facebook! 

And, I was able to do the same with this section of a Santa panel to make a possible custom order.  You can see the chunks of fabric I added onto the sides before I cut the fabric.

A little outside of the box thinking resulted in some pretty cool masks!  I am in love with how these turned out!  And, I used some panels I had in my stash to do it as well as using the surrounding fabric to make the filter pocket and mask insides!  Win win!

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