Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Day Out with Thomas

This weekend we drove about 800 km to St Thomas Ontario to go to "Day Out with Thomas." This was the only Canadian stop on the tour. My youngest son, the one who also loves pumpkins and orange, is a big Thomas the Tank Engine fan and we promised him last year that we would go if it came back to Ontario. You can see from the picture that Thomas looks wonderful! It was really amazing to see the engine and how great he looked. All the kids around were really excited and happy to see him. We went on a 25 minute ride on Thomas and it was the first train ride that my boys had ever had so that was really exciting for them. I really have to say that if you have a little Thomas fan in the family take them to this event because it is worth it! You can go to the web site here to check out show times if you want.

I took a lot of photos of the event and I am thinking of making a photo quilt of the day. I'll have to find some Thomas fabric though. Somebody must make Thomas fabric right?

Today I spent a few hours machine quilting a quilt for some friends who are celebrating their 10th aniversary. When they were married I hadn't started quilting yet so they didn't get a quilt. Since then every one of our friends has receieved a lap size quilt as their wedding present. So, I thought that it would be nice to give them a quilt to celebrate their aniversary. You can see a picture of the top here and I will post pictures of the finished quilting maybe tomorrow.

I am going to continue my binding series of posts with this quilt as well. I will be showing how to attatch a hanging sleeve to the back of your quilt. So stay tuned!

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